vicki         B     R     O     P     H     E     Y              
Canadian Artist , pastels & acrylics, PAC,MPAC-EP

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What a wonderful collection, my friend. Always knew you had so much talent and would, one day, be a well known and accomplished artist. Congratulations to our Maid of Honour- 50 years ago. Ken and Carol
Carol Forster - 13 Feb 2015
Congratulations Vicki , always glad to see one of of our classmates make a positive impression . Love your paintings . Sonny and Deb
Borden Gonder - 12 Feb 2015
I don't know many famous people .... no I know 1
george rahn - 12 Feb 2015
Love your landscapes - the one with the trees that are snow covered bent over the creek is just lovely. You always were talented and you have come a long way since shcool days. Congratulations on all your accomplishments.
Carole Rier - 7 Feb 2015
Collectible. Insightful and peaceful.
d.e. phelan - 20 Jul 2014
Love your feeling for pastels and the Rural World Sincerely, Ted B
J.E.Ted Butlin - 12 Feb 2013
LOVE the site aunt Vic!! Keep up the great work!! Cheers J
Jason - 28 Jan 2013
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